Evan Jenkins


While I dish out plenty of finance-related snark on Twitter, I've also started a blog to cover topics in finance, economics, and beyond in a slightly more serious, in-depth manner. Check out The Market Completionist!


I am a strong supporter of walkable, people-centric urbanism, and a proud foot soldier in the War on Cars. I occasionally blog my urbanist dreams at Let the Midway Bloom.


In a previous life, I was a mathematician. While I'm no longer pursuing mathematics as a vocation, you can still occasionally find me on Math Overflow.


A double construction for pointed Lie 2-algebras (PhD thesis)
We define a double construction for a certain class of Lie 2-algebras, which provides a pseudofunctor to the 2-category of pointed Manin pairs. We show that this pseudofunctor is essentially surjective, and we expect that it is an equivalence.
Extensions of groups by braided 2-groups
We classify extensions of a group G by a braided 2-group B as defined by Drinfeld, Gelaki, Nikshych, and Ostrik. We describe such extensions as homotopy classes of maps from the classifying space of G to the classifying space of the 3-group of braided B-bitorsors. The Postnikov system of the latter space contains a generalization of the classical Pontryagin square to the setting of local coefficients, which has been previously discussed by Baues and more recently, in a setting close to ours, by Etingof, Nikshych, and Ostrik. We give an explicit cochain-level description of this Pontryagin square for group cohomology.


Spectral Theory
Notes from lectures given in an undergraduate course on functional analysis in 2010 at the University of Chicago.
Schur-Weyl Duality
Representations of the Symmetric Groups
Notes from lectures given in an undergraduate course on representation theory in 2009 at the University of Chicago.
Étale Cohomology Mini-Seminar
In the fall of 2008, I ran a learning seminar on étale cohomology. We primarily followed James Milne's Lectures on Etale Cohomology, but these notes from the early part of the seminar provide additional background.
Representation Theory, Symmetry, and Quantum Mechanics
A talk given to undergraduates at the 2008 University of Chicago VIGRE REU. (Warning: There are several errors in here that I've not gotten around to fixing. Caveat lector.)